Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let There Be Light

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another wonderful day in Chacacal.

Chuck Shawver delivered the electrical supplies late last night. We were up early and started working on the electrical. Our first task was to pull the wire from the Temple to the education building/house. No easy task without a fishing tape. We tried to use our air mattress pump to suck a small piece of twine through the conduit, but to no avail. We finally pushed as much through the conduit as we could and then we cut the conduit and began again. It took a while, but we had the wire pulled and the conduit buried by breakfast (about 9:00 a.m.). Chris and I wired the education building with three outlets and two light bulbs.
Ready for School
While we were working on the electrical, Michael B. and Michael C. were working with the men of the village on the goat pen. They built a shelter that was about 3 meters by 5 meters. They are waiting on the material for the roof, but other than that, they were able to complete the pen. This included building a gate (designed by Michael B.) and moving about two cubic meters of soil to level the pen. (After seeing what they were working on, I was glad I was doing the electrical.
Anywhere Chris goes, she has an entourage of three or four little girls following along. It doesn’t matter if she is headed to the stream for a bath, or to the bathroom, or to help move dirt, she has her little girls with her. 

After lunch (about 2:00 p.m.), we began working on rewiring the Temple. They had cobbled together one light over the pulpit area, one light bulb outside, and one outlet for the church. The wire to the outside light was the old antenna wire. How it did not melt over the years is beyond my understanding.    We were able to get the lights wired and the power turned on just in time. (We had to use headlamps and flashlights to make the final connections.)

Al Bowie has been in Maravillas with Chuck and the two electricians. When Chuck went for supplies today, he dropped Al off to work with us. He spend the afternoon working with me to make sure that 

I didn’t burn the Temple down.

Story of the Day: Chuck has been working in Maravillas and going for supplies. That leaves the four of us in Chacacal without a translator. No one in the village speaks English and we only have very limited Spanish skills. Eleasar was trying to explain to us why they didn’t have plans for the animal shelters. After much gesticulation and several attempts, we finally realized that he was saying that one of Pastor Mario’s sons had “ripped the pages.” The next part we understood with little difficulty. The reason he tore the pages is that he needed them for the baño.

We all bathed in the creek and headed up for dinner at Pastor Mario’s house. Dinner consisted of black beans, pasta, jalapeños, onions, and sweet coffee. Oh, and tortillas of course.

 No longer homeless
I am writing this with my computer plugged in while my phone is charging. It feels good to have  poer again. Eleasar came in and asked if we were on Facebook.

A good day.

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