Thursday, February 28, 2013

Exhausted, Exhillerated

Monday, February 25, 2013
Chacacal, Chiapas, MX

Monday was our first full day working was exhausting and exhilarating. Al Bowie and I dug about 50 feet of ditch to connect the new education/house. It was only 30 centimeters deep, but it took all day.
Leveling the ground for a chicken coop

Temporarily Homeless Goats
Mario's House where we ate each day

While we were digging, the rest of the crew was working on the animal shelters. They built a new chicken coop and run. They put the four new pullets in the new coop, but the other chickens still run loose. (By the way, we are planning a pot of rooster stew for tomorrow night.) The turkeys have not arrived, but they have a pen ready for them when they arrive.

At the end of the day, we walked 2 or 3 miles. They promised us a wonderful relaxing soak in the river. Of course, we were wondering if we would ever get there. We were tired. We might even have whined to each other. When we arrived, however, it was unbelievable. We played in the river for about an hour. It was cool and deep. The kids would run up the hill roll down the sand and then jump in the water. Michael B. decided he would try it.  The current was just swift enough to make swimming across the river.  Chris and I took the long way around both times. The others in the group and all of our friends from Chacacal crossed on an Indiana Jones style foot bridge.

When we returned, we went to Pastor Mario’s house for dinner. Tortillas, black beans and Kool Aid.

The story of the day: Chris made her journey to the outhouse. For those who are not familiar with traveling outside of the US, there is often a trash can next to the toilet for the paper. This is even true for outhouses. When she went into the outhouse, she had to chase a chicken out of the baƱo. In the paper bucket, she found two freshly laid eggs. After using the bathroom, she gathered the eggs and gave them to one of the women. All in a day in Chacacal.

We turned in early. A good day.

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