Monday, March 10, 2008

February 16-19 ABCRM Thailand Mission Trip Follow-Up

Sunday, February 24

After the ABCRM Thailand mission team left Bangkok on February 19 to return to their Colorado homes, team leader Kerry Hassler remained in Thailand to do non-profit “Good Samaritan Technologies” technical consulting for ABC-IM missionary Karen Smith (director of the ABC-IM New Life Center in Chiang Mai) and other missionaries in Thailand. Consequently, Kerry was able to visit the Sansuk Akha village on Sunday, February 24 with Chuck Fox to see the completion of the Sansuk school improvement project. The project was started on February 12 by the ABCRM Thailand mission team’s “Construction Crew”.

Akha village workers and school kids had worked during the previous week to put lattice coverings over the open windows of the eating area and kitchen. New kitchen cabinets, shelves, and refrigerator (paid for by ABCRM Thailand misison trip in-country project funds) had been put in place. On Sunday afternoon, school kids moved new tables (also paid for by these same ABCRM funds) and repainted benches into the renovated eating area. It was quite a difference between the shabby tables and dirt floors seen in this same eating area when the Construction Crew first arrived at the Sansuk village on Febuary 12!

Many thanks to mission team members who heard the message of “Been Called? GO!” and responded by participating in the February 6-19 ABCRM Thailand Mission Experience. It changed the lives of many people in northern Thailand in God’s name!

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